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05_final copy.jpg


modern luxury design


4 member family




120 SQM


30 . 000 €

Our desire as well as the clients’ was to bring in a fresh air in this modern apartment located in the semi-central area of a Belgian city. The occupants of the space - a young couple - spend most of their free time in the company of friends, hence the need for a large and multifunctional open space (socializing with friends, parties, watching movies, preparing and serving meals in the company of guests). The relaxed attitude of the client is transposed in the design of the apartment in a sincere manner, which corresponds to their age. Objects with a minimalist design and simple shapes are projected on a background dominated by non-colors: black and white. Wood-paneled walls bring a warm and familiar touch to the entire space; practically, the whole arrangement does nothing but subordinate itself to form that is open and to a bright background for new experiences whose actors are the occupants and occasional guests who cross its threshold.

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