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dark luxury design


Young Adult




60 SQM


30 . 000 €

Primordial elements - according to ancient philosophy the Universe is composed of the four basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. The project was based on the embodiment and integration of natural forces and the natural play of light and shadow.


Like in nature, the interior design of this apartment goes through different stages / elements / changes. An example would be the transition from night to day - the entrance hall is devoid of natural light, but in this case darkness is accepted for what it is, followed by a visual opening to the open space living area that benefits from an abundance of natural light.


The open space consisting of kitchen, dining area and living room embodies natural elements such as Earth (through the decorative lichen-green shade plaster, the marble counter top, the furniture fronts with wooden optic and the wooden partition), Fire (the copper fronts of the library) and Air.


One of the bedrooms suggests Water through the fronts of the dressing which are decorated with a wallpaper that abstracts the fall of water (Liquida, Wall & Deco) and Earth (Niche at the head of the bed, TV shelf). The second bedroom contains elements of Air ( decorative gray plaster, lighting fixtures next to the bed), Earth (bed, wooden elements) and Water (deep blue wall opposite the bed).


Light-shadow interactions are present in all rooms, being aware that they cannot exist independently.

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