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Our Story

Designoir Interiors is a story of light and warmth that translates into aesthetic, functional and airy spaces, first as an experiment: a question of “Why not?” to the need of creative expression outside the limits of a 9-5 job. This “Why not?” was greeted with enthusiasm and, thanks to our customers' faith in us, we continued to grow and learn together. Each project comes with its own challenges that we look forward to (nothing compares to the joy a new project brings us) and each client with his set of needs and beliefs that we have to understand, integrate and, if needed, run it through our filter based on functionality and experience.

We successfully combine architectural and interior design knowledge with technical skills,
creating a bridge between vision and space. All our projects are feasible, most of them can
be easily implemented ( with or without our presence on site).


We emphasize the collaboration and effective communication client – architect, so that we
can overcome any situation together and introduce you to a space that fits your needs – to
transform a house into a home.

It’s how you live that matters

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