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LIVING 1.png


modern luxury design


4 member family




120 SQM


30 . 000 €

The serene aspect of this single-family home was meticulously achieved by drawing a "red thread" meant to unify, to stylistically unite the rooms: The general background of these interiors is dominated by white walls and integrated furniture of the same color; all the details are solved in a minimalist way, through push open systems and the accents of these bodies are the open storage niches with a wooden look. Parquet floors, doors or other similar-looking furniture can be found in all spaces. The colors, when they appear, are pastel toned and carefully associated in pairs to give a feeling of serenity and tranquility. This is the red thread of the design project- the association of pastel colors with a natural material, displayed on the white screen; in the bathrooms, they are complemented by ceramic tiles with a tropical optic or colored terrazzo, of course also pastel. The furniture sometimes plays a dividing role, delimiting either a dressing room from the sleeping area or a secret room with access through the furniture. In both cases, the furniture is double-faced, and can be used from both spaces that it delimits.

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