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modern luxury design


3 member family




120 SQM


40 . 000 €

Pastel hues, relaxing atmosphere, bright and airy space – all of the client's wishes are found within this interior design project in Cluj-Napoca. The needs expressed right in the beginning were: a WFH office, a large bookshelf and a guest room. The living room, kitchen and open space dining area are crossed by 3 traffic flows, which results in a smaller living area, thus forcing the position of the corner with the back to the  window, facing the TV. In order to facilitate the circulation, a round dining table of 4 people was selected, extensible if needed. The family with 2 children occupies the 3 bedrooms upstairs, and the extra room available on the ground floor has therefore become an office integrated in the bookshelf and also the guest room. The sofa is extendable and the bookshelf furniture has minimal storage for clothes - so guests have a place to keep their personal belongings while visiting. The children's rooms are also multifunctional: the sleeping area, the study area and the play area blend harmoniously. The furniture is designed in a modern style, largely based on Montessori principles, thus encouraging the child to independence and free creative expression. The choice of three-layer parquet, stone worktop and latex-based wallpaint is motivated by the preference for materials that are as natural as possible, non-toxic.

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